Description of criteria

Description of criteria

1. Server for SaaS solution located in France

SaaS servers are located in France.

2. Interface with BI solutions

The solution offers interface with main BI software.

3. Common setting for the one-line application on internet, intranet and mobile

The one-line application setting is unique for the intranet, internet et mobile support.

4. OpenData platform available

OpenData platform integrated

5. Applications available for public sector : land planning, networks, environment,…

Catalog of applications for public sector in desktop or web mode.

6. National standards standards

The system is compliant with the national standards : PCRS, PLU(GPU), BAN, etc.

7. Big data

The solution can process alphanumeric and numeric big data

8. Time Data (4D)

The solution can manage time data (4D).

9. GIS solution BIM compliant

The solution is BIM compliant (tools, data)

10. GDPR

GRPD respect